Nuked by Norway

My company is part of this Million Mile Month challenge thing put on by HealthCode in order to get people moving. They run a leaderboard under the impression that people will be honest with logging workouts, steps, miles, and so on. In addition to linking with FitBit, HealthCode now also links with Strava to upload data; I just manually enter my steps each night. In 2019, the last year we participated because pandemic, I handily won this, thanks in large part to my overnight Knighthood effort, logging 140 miles in an evening and crushing the competition.

This year, however, I have some stiff competition. There’s apparently a cyclist working in HR now who logs some killer miles over the weekend, but a person at another branch is just logging crazy stupid miles—usually 40 or more in a day, every day—which leapfrogs her over me every single day.

In an effort to keep up with her, I’ve again made use of SUF to get what I can in before & after work, including into the night. But tackling Norway Thursday night just completely crushed—neigh, nuked me. I had to take yesterday as a rest day and wound up only running a few miles this morning at a moderate tempo to loosen things up. I’ve also scheduled a massage for this afternoon. (Therapist is late, as a matter of fact, hence my lingering here.)

This person who is pummeling me logged almost 200 miles of walking/running the past two weeks, in addition to whatever else she is doing to stay in first—it’s not cycling, because she’s nowhere to be found on the cycling-specific leaderboard; I’m somewhere in the top 20, nationwide. My congratulatory email to her earlier in the week on her successes went unanswered. Whatever it is she’s doing, it’s kind of weird from the traditional competition point of view.

But I’m not going to let it bother me anymore; I simply cannot keep up in addition to, you know, working and taking care of my family. I’ll refrain from checking the leaderboard as regularly as I had been and, instead, focus on just getting in what workouts I can when and where and how I can. That, afterall, would be what’s healthy, physically and mentally, and that is the whole purpose of the challenge.

Anyway, thanks for reading.


Sounds like you already know what the priorities should be and recognize that the challenge is taking your focus away from that. Thanks for sharing. It’s easy to get really absorbed in any healthy hobbies to the point it starts getting unhealthy. Hat’s off to you for recognizing it and moving on. Have a great day mate!