Number of courses in Just Ride

I have just taken the first rides on RGT. I was of the impression that there would be an aboundance of rutes to choose from i the “Just Ride” section.

I was dissapointed when I found only 14 to choose from. I read about the real roads, but the category was not present on my screen.

I hope that I have missed a button or something else. I want a lot of routes to choose from.

Can anyone point me ind the right direction, or is the limited number of routes in the just ride section what I have to look forward to?

I have the premium subscription.

Regards, Carsten

I think these are the only REAL roads but there are a lot of Magic Roads. Plus you can create your own. Here’s one source for roads created by others:

Hello !
What you saw are the so-called “real roads” with specific landscapes/designs indeed.

If you want a “magic road”, you need to go in “create event” (or join one) and either pick from the “standard library” or upload any GPX that you feel like :slight_smile:
Hope it helps