OMNIUM : 5th of April

Links of the 42nd ( :nerd_face: ) OMNIUM, Wednesday April 5th !
Omnium = 3 races in a row = Scratch + Time Trial + Elimination

:warning: 2 divisions, the usual bar at 3.6W/kg → stronger ? you go to division 1 :warning:

=== Division 1: FTP > 3.6W/Kg ===
Time Trial (no draft)

=== Division 2 : FTP < 3.6W/Kg ===
Time Trial (no draft)

Circuit: Winston-Salem Crit (1.4km and 16m elevation gain, each lap), and the “all-flat ring” for elimination
Promotions and relegations are done by pedal (on win/podium or clear superiority) or by request, as long as you don’t crush the division below.
See you on Wednesday!

Reminder of the links
Don’t hesitate to join us for 1, 2, or all 3 races !
See you on Wednesday !

The results of April 5, 42nd edition of the omnium

Division 1 :

  1. Igor Kopse

  2. Bruno Perchet

  3. Joël Vigneau (rgtfr)

Division 2 :

  1. Moreno Ceccon C (team adr)

  2. Michael Delagoutte

  3. Benjamin Bernard [CCL]

As often, Igor Kopse was untouchable, will have left no crumbs to his opponents!

And in D2, a very very big level tonight too

NB: perfect equality for the 4th place in D1 (in points and cumulative places)

Congratulations for your performances and let’s do it again next week!