Omnium : Wednesday 30th August

Links for the 63rd OMNIUM, Wednesday August 30th!

=== Division 1: FTP > 3.6W/Kg ===
Time Trial:

=== Division 2: FTP < 3.6W/Kg ONLY ===
Time Trial :

Track: Velodrama (1.4km & 25m D+ / lap )
Sign up now, it helps to get people coming, and see you on Wednesday!

Last reminder for tomorrow’s “3-races-in-a-row” Wednesday :
Gather your energy and mental strength for a series of repeated efforts :wink:

See you tomorrow !

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Results from August 30, the 63rd edition of the omnium

Division 1 :

1 - Anthony dubré

2 - Wouter Claes [ṀṚ]

3 - Joël Vigneau (rgtfr)

Division 2 :


2 - Mike Ade

3 - Mark Lightfoot

Anthony Dubré made a brilliant comeback in the omnium, narrowly edging out Wouter Claes for 1st place in the overall standings (winning thanks to the rule of “best cumulative places”). Joël completes the podium, gg!

In the 2nd division, B. Christensen wins just ahead of M. Ade, well done to him!

Congratulations again, and see you next week!

PS : In the detailed scores : in bold, the first of each race (for the elimination, if there are jumps in the points, it’s because a rider from the other division is intercalated )

PS2 : Perfect tie between R. Collins and myself in 1st div. In 2nd div, IamWil is ahead of H. Smits in cumulative places.