Omnium : Wednesday 6th September, 3 races in a row

Links for the 64th OMNIUM, Wednesday September 6th!

=== Division 1: FTP > 3.6W/Kg ===
Time trial:

=== Division 2: FTP < 3.6W/Kg ===
Time trial:

Course: Mercedes Bends (1.4km & 15m D+ / lap )
Sign up now, it helps to get people coming, and see you on Wednesday! :wave:

Reminder of the links for tonight ! 3 races in a row for those who want :wink:

Results from September 6, the 64th edition of the omnium
1st Division:
1- Anthony dubré
2- Ross Collins [ṀṚ]
3- ThomasLaunois Totolekoala (RGTFR)

2nd Division:
1- Mike Ade
2- Tony Sinnett
3- Rachel Murphy

A. Dubré gave us the suspense of missing his elimination a little, but still won the GC for the 1st division. Ross finishes 2nd (equal points with me, but better cumulative places :wink: )

In the 2nd division, victory went to M. Ade, one of the event’s great regulars, GG to him!

Congratulations again, and see you next week!
PS: In the detailed scores: in bold, the first of each race (for elimination, if there are jumps in the points, it’s because a rider from the other division has been inserted).