OPTIONAL RGT Update Available - All Platforms :-)

There is an optional update available but it is recommended you do update when you can :slight_smile:

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Does this optionally make us yield more watts?


It’d be helpful if they displayed release notes when notifying about an update. It’s hard to know if it’s worth updating or not if you don’t know what’s changed!

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Haha, yes, especially if it’s even labelled as optional.

What has changed that it’s not essential and how am I supposed to know if I want to take the option if I don’t know what the option even is?

It’s optional as opposed to forced, which means that you don’t have to do it before your next activity. Forced updates have caught those out in the past that join an Event or Race too late to be able to complete the update before the ride starts.
Saying it’s optional removes the concern about that happening so that the update can be done in your own time.
The Wahoo updates page hasn’t shown the change log and so I had to go to the iOS App Store to get this:


Just for clarity, then, this should be listed as “deferrable”, not optional, if what is meant is that it doesn’t have to be applied now but it will be applied in future and that would at least remove one of the questions :slight_smile:


Yes @Jon .
I’ve never come across an update that isn’t either giving added features or fixing any bugs, so they are always worth applying. The ‘optional’ wording is perhaps misleading, but as I said is perhaps more to do with calming the nerves of those that have experienced Forced updates in the past preventing them from riding. I guess long term users understand that context, but it’s lost on those new to the platform :slight_smile:

I suppose that ‘we recommend you do this when you can’ is different to saying, ‘you don’t need to do it at all’. If the release notes were linked to it would certainly make things clearer! :slight_smile:

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I’ve worked in IT Management for more than 22 years and spent 10 of those working for a software development company.

Within the IT sphere it is a fairly common position of “Do I need the fixes in this update” or you don’t update something that is already working.
Anecdotally, for amusement, I know of someone who bricked a data center UPS while applying a patch recently, when he called the UPS provider for support their first question was “Was the UPS working correctly beforehand” and upon his reply in the affirmative the second question was “Why were you patching it then” :smiley:

Of course software updates are almost always meant to add nice features or fix bugs, but it is also often the case, as is the nature with software development, that fixing one bug can sometimes cause another. We’ve all been through patch rollbacks.

That’s why I suggested the term deferrable, because “optional” (especially without patch notes) implies things like “Texture pack for AMD graphics cards” as opposed to “helpful bug fixes, but you don’t have to apply it now if you’d rather ride”, that’s all :slight_smile:


Likewise :wink: I have a 40 year background in Industrial Process Control & Measuring Systems, working with hazardous and explosive chemicals. I used to spec’ embedded systems for our thickness scanners that used a radiation source simply because of the dreaded updates on OS/2 and Windows :slight_smile: ‘If it aint broke don’t fix it’ is a very wise philosophy!!!
Let’s hope that someone involved with the wording of update notifications reads some of this :slight_smile: