PAINCAKES on indieVelo

SUFFERLANDRIAN SUNDAY RIDES on indieVelo! Starting next Sunday, Team SUF/KOS will be hosting 4 consecutive Team Scratch Races consisting of a 9.1 Kilometer controlled lead-up into a 1 Kilometer sprint for the Town Line. Join as many as you like!

19:00 GMT Group “A” 19.3 mph lead-up.

19:45 GMT Group “B” 17.4 mph lead-up.

20:30 GMT Group “C” 15.5 mph lead-up.

20:20 GMT Group “D” 13.7 mph lead-up.


Signed up for B and C. Pending family things, I hope to make one of them. Thanks for organizing, Sir Joe!

It’s going to be interesting…

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I won’t see anything but my stem for the final 1km though so, I’ll have to hear about it later.

Yeah, sometimes you miss things… I tell the story about an early mountain bike race in my “career” which had a section that came out of the woods and onto a downhill paved path, before diving back into the woods on the other side. I hit that paved section and I hammered it. I was really moving. What I didn’t realize was there was a trenched stream crossing about 25 feet into the woods, surrounded by cameramen and rubberneckers. I threw the bike up into a wheelie just before I hit the lip of the drop. After the screaming and the cheering, I opened my eyes and realized I had jumped the entire ditch. I really would have liked to have seen me do that.

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