Please give up steering

Think this is a bad mistake.
You must be able to switch it off and return to previous, i e. Other riders do no block you.

I cannot imagine now using RGT, I am sticking with Suff, oh I mean Systm


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I think it adds a lot to the game, but for those that prefer the old way, I think RGT should add some version of the old auto-steering as an optional alternative. Maybe it’d not be quite as active as the old system, a bit slower to switch position, but at least something better than just following a single lane.


For those of us who only use RGT for workouts and not racing, this is probaly going to make me stop using RGT completely. I understand I am in the minority here and many users do race. But for Wahoo to alienate those of us who do not isn’t a good decision in my view.


Exactly for non racers it is a terrible idea


I think it’s more realistic. I got trapped in a bunch yesterday. I was not expecting that, and got a much lower ranking as a result.

But on IRL group rides and events the same thing happens. So I’ll need to plan ahead, try to avoid getting trapped.


I’m guessing that it was more easy to implement manual steering for everyone, including the bots, than to make it an option which could be switched on and off by the user as required. Unfortunately, I too have now largely given up on RGT, mostly because of the loss of auto steering capabilities by the bots.

I don’t agree. I rarely use RGT, but whenever I do there hardly are enough riders on the course to make me get stuck in a bunch.
Last time I was riding in RGT’s Borrego Springs I was doing 2×20min intervals. Since I don’t own a Kickr Steer I started by using auto steer which just means auto avoidance. After a couple of minutes some guy began steering around me to use my slipstream for his sprints every now and then. That annoyed me so much that I started steering using the keyboard. Whenever he came back I swung over to get him of my wheel. I stayed in the outer lane just to shortcut in the next corner to get rid of him. I made him get stuck behind a bot. Long story short it added a lot of fun to a rather dull workout. And for what it’s worth, the other guy enjoyed playing cats and mice too.
That said, I think there is a lot of negative feedback on steering introduction out there and many users seem to be biased but I think they all should just give it a try.

I just got a Kickr Steer but haven’t installed it yet.

I just put my phone within easy reach and tilt it to steer. Make sure to hit calibrate first to zero it out, then reduce the sensitivity to close to lowest setting. It works fine. I remove my hand from the bar but if the phone is nearby it’s less than using a downtube shifter or drinking from a bottle.

I really like steering. The game feels much more realistic with it, unless your definition of realism is Zwift.


With all due respect kind Sir, I think your apparent belief that those who are critical of it have not given it a try, is quite presumptuous. I have ridden RGT several times since the steering functionality was introduced. Sorry but I don’t like it. I reached out to support to see if it could be turned off and got a reply that if I kept using I would like it. Sorry again, I don’t.

I think the issue is this. They introduced a major change to the platform and require you to use it, whether you like it or not. Support confirmed there is no way to disable the feature. I’m sure some love it, but clearly not everyone. From a business perspective, will more new users subscribe because of this feature or more users drop off because they believe this makes for a poorer experience. I will keep using it for the duration of my annual subscription when I want a change from the Systm offerings. But for me, and apparently others, it is not an improvement.


I think the point here is that some people love the steering feature and some do not. The problem is that RGT has imposed it on everyone. I personally really enjoy steering, but not all the time. I just wish someone from RGT would explain what the purpose of the bots is now, as they no longer have auto steering, only collision avoidance, and is this change permanent?


I should have made clearer that I was actually reacting to the post of @JustThat . There was a notion that people who use RGT only for workouts may stop using RGT because of a feature that only makes sense for racing. But from my own experience the steering can add fun for workouts too and not using it will for sure not interfere with the workout if you don’t use it.


Thanks for the reply. I understand I am likely not the target audience for RGT and that’s fine but allow me clarify a bit

I use both SYSTM and RGT on my PC with my KICKR Snap sitting in front of the keyboard. I cannot reach the keyboard from the bike so using A and D to steer is not possible.

As for tilting the phone, I have aerobars on my bike which would make mounting the phone difficult if not impossible (and $99 for a mount is a bit excessive). When the weather is warmer I will often switch between riding indoors and riding outdoors so taking the areos on and off is not a good solution.

Further, I tried RGT remote and even with the sensitivity set to the lowest it was far too touchy. Were I to mount the phone on the bike and stand up sprint it would likely swing back and forth as the bike does rock slightly when I stand. Tap to steer may be an option to try if I can find a safe way to mount my phone on the aeros…

And keeping the phone to the side of me, on my desk, while I ride is less than immersive if I have to sit up, lean over, pick up the phone and tap each time I want to steer.

Sure, steering is “optional” in that auto-avoidance mode is used if you don’t steer but I’m not sure I’d like to be impacted by other riders who are using steeting. I hate when this happens on the road.

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I use a MacBook for my SYSTM setup and reaching a key to turn isn’t an option. I’m simply indoor training and have no use for gaming. SYSTM is the best indoor training app. When I use RGT, I set up as a ride and thus don’t have bots or other riders unless someone does sign up. But I’m not on my trainer to try and play games. I just want the best workout.


I bought a motorcycle mount for my phone. I think I can put that on my aerobars. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it should work.

2-key keyboards are a good option for the steering:

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Have you tired resting your phone in the ‘nest’ of towel on top of the aero bars?

I too have (permanent) aero bars mounted, use a towel as the norm to catch sweat from dropping all over the front of the bike, bars/hoods, front wheel, forearm pads etc, and found that the best place for the phone (using steering on the Remote app) was in the bundle of towel between the extensions and in front of the pads.

I use an additional towel/face cloths to wipe face etc and use this to cover the phone from sweat dropping on it. Sprinting with the phone in the cradle has not impacted the ride, I am also on a rocker plate. The phone is also used to answer texts etc hence why I have found the towel nest to be the ‘best’ spot.

As a caveat, I don’t use steering at all and rarely ride RGT in general. I was part of the Beta testing and have had a good crack at trying it out.

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So what’s the problem? Just pick a lane and stay there.


Clearly reply was not directed to you. Have a great ride.