Previous Sufferfest Jersey in RGT

Can we get the previous Sufferfest jersey added to RGT? I strongly dislike the current Sufferfest jersey (pretty Couchlandrian/Wahooligan than Sufferlandrian IMO), and without a team on RGT, I’d like to wear a decent non-team kit.


I’d be willing to bet the answer is gonna be no. I also have a preference for the OG SUF Knight’s kit but that’s cuz I have it irl. :sunglasses:


Haha, indeed, the new Knight’s kit put me off attempting the Knighthood :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey @jessicat I’ve seen the new Knight’s jersey in the wild and it looks pretty sweet, if understated. The new decals are also pretty cool.

Perhaps I can tempt you to give a Knighthood quest a go with other things like:

  • the official certificate confirming your forever badassedness,

  • having people refer to you as Sir or Dame,

  • the little tag on your icon in the forums,

and, if that’s still not enough, there’s always the fact that it’s a hard AF challenge and a super fun way to pass 10ish hours in the dead of winter questioning your life choices alone in your basement (or wherever your indoor setup is). C’mon! You know you wanna! Also, there is one Knight who had a custom designed kit to fit his very impressive though decidedly uncyclist-like, upper body. If I recall right it was Sir Alexander Lee.


I don’t have it but agree 100%. When I achieved my Knighthood, I opted to not get the new KoS kit. Wholly uninspiring from my perspective. I would have bought the original. My 2 cents, with inflation now $8.00. :blush:

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