PSA: Update your apps and turn off auto update

Public Service Announcement :grin:

During Taper Efforts this morning, SUF “crashed” on me just after the warm up. I tried to reload it only to discover that my app was updating and it wasn’t a crash. I had to wait a few minutes for the app to update, login again, then start the session again. In order to complete the session, I had to start again from the beginning.

Thankfully, it was Taper Efforts and just after the warm up. Not an hour into Cobbler during the tour.

My advice - update the app in the next few days then turn off auto update. I didn’t know iOS on an ipad would update apps whilst I was using them. That’s pretty silly of Apple.

Good luck everyone, enjoy the tour.



Well if you have the iOS device to update automatically it will but while the app is running would be strange for sure. See you at the grande departe.