Quick Ride - Magic Roads

Can someone direct me to information on how the “Quick Ride” feature works? At this point, I’m only interested in utilizing it in a manner similar to the “Just Ride” roads.

Quick ride enables you to set a ride in a magic road in about 5 minutes instead of setting a date and hour to start skipping the ride configuration (bots/rgt scenario etc). Just wait a couple of minutes and it will start for you as soon as ready.

Thanks. I guess this would mean it would show up under “Events”?

Just stay on that Magic Roads screen. About three minutes after you select your magic road, the “ride now” button will become active.


Got it. Thanks.

Pretty sure it does show up under the events section and from here you could share the code of you wanted to have someone join you on the quick ride

That’s right - Quick Rides appear in your registered events and you can share the code…as long as you are fast enough!

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