Quiz + Race event ("Le Quiz ou La cuisse")

hello everyone!
Le Quiz ou La Cuisse (“The quiz or the thigh”), 2nd edition, is happening tonight !
The quiz at 7:30 pm (UTC/GMT) + the race at 8:30pm (UTC/GMT) !

Reminder of the “rules of the game”:

  • At 7:30pm UTC (right at the end of the omnium) Brian Kellison will share a link with you (here and on his twitch stream for the english-speaking version, and I’ll post the french-speaking one). As soon as the registrants have joined, we launch the quiz!
  • The faster and better you answer, the more points you get (but no negative points for a wrong answer)
  • At the end of the quiz, according to your points, we calculate your BONUS (up to 35% less weight for the best, no gain or penalty for the worse result) and we communicate this bonus on discord+on our streams
  • Once your weight is correctly modified, you join the race (which you can already register for): https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=JW7PH3
  • The race is without draft (to keep track of records, from one edition to another :wink: ) : First one across the line wins!

PS :

  • so you need to have a (free) RGT account, and be ready to go to Hometrainer relatively quickly after the quiz.
  • “non-racing” viewers can also participate in the live quiz
  • people who missed the quiz can participate to the race (with their normal, non-modified, weight)
  • The quiz is difficult and the time to answer is quite short, it’s done on purpose
  • Feel free to stream your point of view!
  • The event is public, those who will not have time to come to the quiz before will join with their normal weight

If you have any last minute questions, don’t hesitate :wink:
See you tonight! May the most complete runner win!

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Dang, learned of this too late to shuffle work schedule and race. Y’all missed getting dropped by me sporting a modified 6.5 W/Kg FTP :mountain:

Prochaine fois!

No worries, it will be a monthly event, and I see that people reacted very positively on Brian’s chat. “Prochaine fois” indeed ! We’ll post a bit more in advance :wink: