Race categories

Are there race categories on RGT based on w/kg? I’m wondering if they have something similar to zwift?

There aren’t official race categories. Some race series have their own categories, often based on FTP. Those races provide details of the categories. There is also a bronze, silver, gold, platinum set of rankings based on race results which is part of https://RGTDB.com.

Ranking Explained RGTDb.

I hope I can nudge you to embrace the open category RGT races. I was a B Zwift racer who stopped developing fitness once I could stay in the lead pack in a Zwift B race then try, like everyone else, to sprint like mad in the last 300 meters to try to win. I was a long way still from the FTP level needed to boost me to A level. Then I started racing in RGT open races chasing A-level racers for as long as I could hold on. I’ll never win an RGT race but I got much faster trying … in fact leveling up to A in Zwift which I didn’t think would ever happen. Embrace losing races and gaining fitness with RGT is my advice :slight_smile:


I’ve really enjoyed the RGT races I’ve done, but must admit am looking forward to the number of riders increasing so they can have different category races. As it stands in RGT, unless you’re a strong A cat rider you’re just making the numbers up (apart from the 3.2 handicap races, which are really good).

Hopefully Wahoo RGT will integrate a decent category/ranking system into RGT (they shouldn’t rely on a 3rd party site like RGTDB). I know RGT have always taken racing seriously, so should be something they do well if they put the resources into it. The category enforcement has always been a joke in Zwift, so it’s a good opportunity for Wahoo RGT.

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Given the problems with categories in Zwift it’s definitely a good time to look at a proper ranking system for RGT and give organisers some flexibility to use these to split races where needed.

I don’t see Zwift being capable of building a ranking system in the next two years so this is a great chance to bring across a lot of enthusiastic racers to the platform.