Race event start times - what time zone?

Hi, as the topic title says, I am wondering what time zone the start times for the scheduled events and races are in? If I’m in mountain standard time, is that what is shown? When I adjust the time zone in my personal settings, the event start times don’t change so that leads me to believe they are fixed on some other time zone which isn’t specified.


@tgordye Are you looking at rgtdb.com? See the bottom where it notes race times are -4:00 UTC.

Thanks for the reply. I log in through my Wahoo X subscription. This is what I see, with no indication anywhere for the time zone…

And now I notice that rgtdb.com has way more events than what I see. What’s up with that? I suppose that’s a question for a seperate thread.

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It should be ‘your’ time zone. Scare quotes because I’ve been on Wahoo X too short to know how it could go wrong, and I didn’t have unexpected results. The three possibilities to tie a time zone to you are:

  • coming from the operating system (most common in this scenario)
  • geofencing (that’s why people pay for VPNs)
  • information you provided with your user account (best in most cases, almost never used)

Did you have actual misfires or are you just wondering?

FYI, rgtdb.com is a community project. Cf.

Thanks again, what you are saying makes sense I just wish it were clear. I guess I should just sign up and see what happens! No miss-fires, I just didn’t want to wake up for a 5AM race only to find out I’m riding alone… :laughing:


Nothing wrong with a dry-run at a civil time. :sweat_smile:

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Oh - so if I register a username on rgtdb.com, I can join events using my wahooX subscription? How does that work if the wahoo RGT app doesn’t list those events? Sorry newbie here…just getting started with the wahoo ecosystem. All I used before was the sufferfest app which was an easy transition to wahoo systm, but haven’t use RGT yet because of this confusion.

Beyond the ‘official’ events in the app (scare quotes because they have an average of one participant :rofl: :man_shrugging:) you can create your own and invite people with a link for that event. You don’t need rgtdb for that, but you’d want it for discoverability. It’s sad that this hasn’t improved so long after the acquisition.

Gotcha, thanks. Average of 1 person though…haha. Head to head racing has a 5% chance of being amazing.

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You don’t need an account on RGTDB.com if you just want want to enter events listed in it, but you need an account (with Event Organiser permissions) to list your own events in there - as EricB said, in order to increase the visibility of them.

Any event that a user creates as “public” via the RGT app or the RGT website can be entered by anyone else… as long as they have the event code. The RGT website and app only list events that either (i) RGT created, (ii) have over 20 registered participants (and are labelled a public) or (iii) someone asked RGT nicely to add in there. RGTDB is a great community-run website that provides wider visibility of events.

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