Remote functionality

Improvement suggestions or bugs, depending on what the incredible developer minions intended:
Android remote against Apple TV RGT today:

  1. Rider list IN CHAT didn’t offer a scroll, so couldn’t mute someone who was contributing to background noise but not the conversation.
  2. No indication of who was speaking at any point.

An observation:
Perhaps because I honestly don’t even use AppleTV that much, and some of the interface may be dependent on that, figuring out how to teleport didn’t happen. I could click and see other riders but not join them. Unless you can’t teleport ahead at all, in which case ignore this (I joined the group ride late).

Will say the other chat capabilities were awesome, and the graphics on AppleTV over a hotspot (my tech at the moment) were quite good. I could definitely see this being a fun addition to a future Tour (of Sufferlandria).

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@SirDaveKoS I think teleport is at the top of the screen on ATV and I believe I have had trouble with it in the past as well. I actually have shifted from using ATV to using the iPad. To me it is a better experience and I don’t need to use the companion app.

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Yes, on ATV the teleport and reset buttons are at the top of the screen. The buttons look like they do on this help page but are near the top of the screen.

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