RGT and Kickr Bike - climbing?

Okay admittedly I’m late to the party so apologies if this is on the forum. I’ve looked and I can’t find it.

Does RGT work with the Wahoo Kickr Bike in terms of the climb functionality on the bike? I did my first ride on RGT yesterday - Ventoux - got to start easy… and no changes to the tilt whatsoever.

Am I not doing something here or is RGT not compatible with the Kickr Bike?


What platform were you running RGT on (Windows/iOS/etc)? Are you sure you had the bike set to “unlocked” mode so the app could control the tilt? In the sensors screen is “Control” set to on? It does work fine for me, I’ve used on Windows and Android. If all that was done, you might need to reach out to Wahoo support.

I have a suspicion that the gradient is scaled down by the “trainer difficulty” setting–so if you were at 50% difficulty then the tilt would only be half of what’s shown in the app–but I haven’t tried to specifically confirm. Does anybody else know offhand?

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Hi - I was using IOS on an iPad.

Used it again today and the Kickr Bike decided to do a firmware update halfway through the ride. Then the tilt started working so happy days from now on thanks.