RGT and the remote app

I was trying to do a workout on RGT last night. I’m using an apple TV, Garmin Edge 520 for my preloaded workout and Wahoo Kickr. I wanted to just have RGT running but the Edge was controlling the power. But when I tried to turn off the “Control” function in RGT I couldn’t get into the menu.

I find the menu hard to navigate with both the Apple TV remote and the Wahoo RGT Remote app, the highlighted option often seems to disappear or it doesn’t move between them. Anyone have similar issues? Is there something I’m missing to make it easier?


Haven’t used RGT for a while. Since the Wahoolimabob Tour I think.

But, like you I also use AppleTV and the Wahoo RGT remote. Also, like you, I find it hard to tell which options are highlighted and find myself navigating around the screen a bit, until it becomes clear(er) which option I am on.

I think The Company could make some (hopefully) minor tweaks to the UI to make the selection of different menu options MUCH more obvious.

Also, the AppleTV remote sucks yakballs.


@KevinD Yes - I have had a similar experience. There is some getting used to the navigation but still some buttons don’t highlight very well.

I have switched to using an iPad for RGT and like it much better and my graphics actually look better as well.

For all of the convenience that ATV brings I find it is really not well executed and I am speaking about not just RGT but other apps that run on the platform. It seems like it is hard to make the interface work well especially with the design of the remote and the way the software navigates. A cursor would work much better.

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Thanks both

Yes, apple TV remote sucks major yack balls.

Pity because there is a lot there that is good to distinguish it from other platforms, I used magic roads to prepare for a race earlier this year as it had a selective climb in the first 10k so it was great to be able to do a sort of recon on that. Wouldn’t mind using it more but not with the headache of navigating it. Might use JSampsons idea to run it on the Ipad and screencast it.