RGT App on AppleTv unable to set timezone

Hi, Has anyone worked out how to alter the timezone for the RGT app on AppleTv.
Locale settings on the ATV are fine and in my timezone.
Issues are meetups appears to be hours away and when uploading a ride/workout to SYSTM and strava, they appear in possibly a US timezone.
(This user based in UK)

That sounds a bit weird! I am UK based and predominantly use RGT on an ATV; I haven’t had any such issues. I suspect there isn’t a way to change any timezone or localisation settings in the app itself. I can have a look tomorrow when I next use it. If there are any settings then I imagine they would be either general ATV settings outside of RGT, or settings for the RGT account.

Can you elaborate a little bit? To check if I have understood: are races/rides in the list of events shown to be at ‘shifted’ times? Do things work fine when running RGT on a different device (e.g. Android)?

It may be worth a look at the ATV settings. Google suggests this: If you can't change the time or time zone on your Apple device – Apple Support (UK)