RGT app update tomorrow

There is an RGT app update due for 1000 UTC tomorrow. Unlike some updates, I think this a mandatory update ie you need the new app to be able to login and ride after 1000 UTC tomorrow.


Changelog please?
Any cool new feature?

Just dropped, lots of nice additions :ok_hand:t2:


@robsmyth Saw the update this AM. Looks like a lot of new stuff. Can’t wait to check it out.


Awesome, can’t wait to try. Hoping y’all can add a crossover “GvA Sports Director” channel that hurls insults soon.


Nice! A pitty that there are almost no socials rides on my time zone this Sunday to try the in-ride radio…

That is a shame. What timezone are you?

CET time. Riding around 9 AM.

Probably a naive question and I suspect the answer is no but is it possible to listen to music with your earphones at the same time as having the new voice chat feature enabled?

Good review of the app updates here:

I’m not 100%, but guessing that would work. I’ve used Discord in the past with Spotify on quiet at the same time.

In the past I tried to use my music library on my iPhone at the same time as discord but couldn’t find a way to make it work.

I might be wrong but that might be your problem right there? I run multiple noise producing apps at the same time on Android all the time. E.g. a Teams call going while I leave my Spotify going.

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The new Dunoon road looks pretty cool too


I’m able to listen to my library tunes and SYSTM workout sounds at the same time. Just unsure if I can also use the RGT chat at same time also whether other people would hear my tunes and be bothered by it. Will have to test at some point.

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A surprising, but welcome addition (an area close to home in real life).


Think it depends on what platform you are using. Would bet it wasn’t possible on IPhone but was on Windows and Mac OS X. No idea about android as I’ve never used one.

Edited to say I just looked at the RGT companion App on iOS. There is a radio tab. Guessing you can play RGT on PC/Mac with music but then use the phone as a microphone. Guess it’s possible that it controls the main app but the features aren’t greyed out and my computer isn’t even on.