RGT Australia Individual Time Trial Series

Week 2 has ended with a new leader, Chris Morgan, ahead in the April Standings, recording a time of 26 minutes and 20 seconds, ahead of Bo Duke time of 26.43.

Michelle Williams is leading the ladies’ standings with a time of 34.55.

With 2 weeks still available to record a time, who’s got what it takes to snatch victory. The questions everyone is asking, where is Ben Kirk? And will Bo Duke challenge Chris’s time?

Complete standings can be found here ;


Race 1

Race 1 takes us to the Wollongong city Circuit. 19.3km with 274 meters of climbing. Time to beat is 26 minutes and 43 seconds by Bo.

Draft off, 15 second release gap

When – Starting in April, a magic road will be made available monthly via the RGT Australia Facebook page. A different course will be released for every month.

How – You have two choices – Either (i) Ride one of the scheduled individual time trials or (ii) ride it in your own time and submit the RGT Cycling event in the spreasheet provided

When will the scheduled individual time trial events take place – Events will by scheduled at 09:00 and 16:00 AEST every Saturday and Sunday. See the foot of this post for the schedule.

How many times can I ride a course – As many times as you want, only your best result will count towards the standings.

I want to set up my own events and ride with friends, is this, ok?- Yes – but for the result to be valid, ensure that event settings are set with the Draft “OFF”

How do I submit my event result – Submit it herehttps://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSew5xznLNW…/viewform….Reminder that you only need to submit the result, if you set up your own event using the magic road w3JgNTYnVnaB

Must I only submit my best result? – Not necessary, we will only recognize your best result

Note that RGT Australia reserves the right to filter or annul any results should it be necessary.

Where can I find the results - Results will continuously be updated on the RGT Australia Facebook page

Scheduled events are as follows

Week 3

15th April – 09:00 AEST - https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=4KXEBJ

15th April – 16:00 AEST - https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=7DMVXY

16th April – 09-00 AEST - https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=QGCCQK

16th April – 16:00 AEST - https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=FVPN3Q

Week 4 event codes will be released in due course