RGT Australia is recruiting

RGT Australia is recruiting - both for its Team Time Trial Squads an to join us on scheduled events. We’re currently running five teams (included a dedicated ladies squad) on Thursday Evening (between 18:30 and 20:00 AEST)

We’re continuously looking to recruit new riders- if you’re interested, give me a shout - or pop on to our face book group Redirecting...

Alternatively we have a race (typically part of a series) on a Monday evening (19:30 AEST).

Full events schedule is as follows
Events are normally run on

Monday 1930 AEST, RGT Australia Series,

Tuesday night, 1815 AEST, Lidcombe Velodrome

Thursday, 1930 AEST, Team Time Trial

Saturday/Sunday, Individual Time Trial

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Nice, I might be very interested in joing up with some of the events. Particularly after “Around the Bay” in early october, thats going to be interesting to see how I do as I am just getting over having COVID for the first time.

Have joined the facebook group so I will be keeping an eye out for upcoming stuff :slight_smile:

Cool. Look forward to riding with you. Ps. We have an event scheduled for tomorrow if your interested.

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