RGT Australia/OZe “Reminiscing Great Times” Tour

RGT Australia/OZe “Reminiscing Great Times” Tour

With the curtain closing on RGT on Tuesday 31st October, RGT/IndieVelo Australia brings a limited-edition series to celebrate the friendships and new horizons that RGT brought us.

8 races in 3 hours. Ride them all (a challenge in itself) or drop in for a race or 2 and say cheers to your mates. Bringing an eccentric mix of the best (and worst) of real and magic roads – we have something for everyone

We’d love to have you join us.

Race 1 (18:30 AEST) – Pitter Patter Paterburg

A short race on the Paterburg, with a sharp climb thrown in. This should warm everyone up


Race 2 (18:45 AEST) – The Bird has flown

A mass start two lap individual time trial on Canary Wharf


Race 3 (18:55 AEST) – “We have to have a race to keep the under nourished happy”

A short (6.23km) hill climb with 321 meters, wait – that must be a typo, 32 meters of climbing


Race 4 (19:20 AEST) – This isn’t a warm up

A favorite for warm ups, we head towards Dunoon Seafront for a short race on a popular route


Race 5 (19:50 AEST) – Bring the Bucket

Possible the most talked about ever OTR - LOVE TTT team time trial route…… If you know, you know……. If you don’t, bring a bucket……


Race 6 (20:20 AEST) – A tribute to Ben

Ben’s 90 lapper was a popular fixture on Tuesday nights……. We return to Ben’s Lidcombe Velodrome for a more intense 4km pursuit (Individual time trial/draft off)


Race 7 (20:35 AEST) – Flat B@stards Revenge

By popular acclaim, we bring back the Stelvio……. Downhill


Race 8 (21:00 AEST) – Last Man Standing

Templehoff Airport brings us a elimination race. Will the Last man standing please turn off the lights.


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