RGT bluetooth connection issues

When will you guys fix bluetooth connection issues with RGT and the Wahoo Kickr?

My Wahoo Kickr only drops with RGT and nothing else, so it is clearly an issue on the side of RGT.

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Hi Xtina
I have a Kickr V5 and I don’t experience connection issues, either with Bluetooth or Ant+ with my Windows PC :slight_smile: .
Please can you give a little more detail?
What screen device are you using - Desktop PC/Laptop/Mac/ATV/Phone/Tablet.
If PC are you using a Bluetooth dongle or built in Bluetooth?
When you experience this problem, can you submit Feedback before you close RGT for that session ? (Main Menu/Feedback)

Wahoo RGT will then get sent a copy of your activity log to analyse along with any message you type. If you aren’t able to type a full description at the time, just give a brief explanation ‘Bluetooth Dropping’ would be fine. You will then get an automated reply to your registered email address that has a CS reference number. You can reply to that giving more detail if you wish or if you are asked to. The log contains all of your hardware details and connections etc (and a lot more).

I am using the bluetooth from my MacBook Pro.

Sure, i will send a log next time it happens.

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I also have ongoing issues with the sensors after using RGT.
I am using Mac (2015) and Mac M1 OS 12.6 (2021), and an Elite Suito trainer. I never had issues with just Sufferfest or Systm.
However, after using RGT, Systm seems to have lost all my sensors (trainer & HRM). It requires several resets including BT off/on until it eventually connects everything again.
I also made sure that RGT was not running in the background.
Do you have any ideas what the issue might be?


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Sorry Philip- I’m on holiday with very little signal. I’ve never heard I’d this issue. You may be best to contact support. Sorry I can’t help…

Have you made any progress with this @Phil5236 ? :slight_smile:

Hi. Thanks for checking in again. I’m on vacation right now (non-cycling unfortunately;). Will talk to the support people next week.

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