RGT closing questing question

With RGT being shut down and Zwift added, will we be able to access MAGIC ROADS at all?
I have a couple threads m roads that creates from maps that ii use for training on a specific race course.

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No, you will not be able to ride magic roads after shutting down the RGT. As reference see https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2023/10/wahoo-fitness-to-shut-down-rgt-virtual-cycling-app.html

No portion of the RGT rides/workouts/etc is being ported to Zwift. That magic road ends here. Specifically:

“RGT data will NOT be transferring over to Zwift, any new account with Zwift will start from the beginning with them and accumulate unlocks as any new rider would to their platform.
Any RGT ride data (included in fit files) is already uploaded to the Wahoo Cloud. This would include the athlete profile data. All other data, including event participation, event results, magic roads, workouts – will be deleted with the RGT database.”

So does Zwift have anything like magic roads; that is, some what to create your own virtual rides from a somehow recorded IRL one?

Zwift doesn’t have magic roads. BKool has something similar. Indie Velo is developing at a rapid pace but is basically one guy doing the development and the word is they may have some sort of magic road functionality in mid-2024, but it would be better than the generic scenery provided by RGT or BKool.

I have no experience with BKool. RGT has multi-lap capability and timed segments and event branding (to selected organizers). I don’t think BKool is that sophisticated, but don’t know.

Magic Roads started with the idea you could just upload your GPS data and immediately ride a circuit. It became clear to anyone using it, however, that extensive GPX processing was needed for quality roads. Peter Ward wrote GPXMagic and I wrote the more obscure processGPX to address this task. I have no idea how useful these tools are for BKool, for example.

I only upload a route once but it was pretty good. It would stick at one very tight corner but other than that it worked very well. Loading it up was always very slow which made using it a little slow. However, the route mimicked one of my training rides very well and the time taken to ride was very similar, a little quicker on the hills as hills are set to 50% by default on RGT. I always wanted to upload a video file to Rouvy of the same route, but that was a lot of work to create the video which is why RGT magic roads worked well.

No, there’s no way to import GPX into Zwift.

However, they did introduce Magic portal recently (or something similarly named) where you basically teleport from the main Zwift world to some ether-like space where there’s just a climbing route and nothing else (ie. no scenery). They’ve done it to be able to offer more climbs more often since they don’t have to design the world/scenery around it. I can see this technology someday being used to generate your own world from a GPX file.

Depending on the trainer you use it might have support for riding a GPX course. Elite My E-Training app claims to be able to do it for example: https://www.elite-it.com/en/products/app-software/my-e-training

Given I have RGT downloaded on my machine will it still work after October 31st with the loaded loops and training sessions I have written and uploaded? Or will it simply not run anymore??
Just mindful the original Sufferfest App still ran for a good while after SYSTM app was launched…

It will not run anymore. Servers which process real time data will be shut down. There is no offline mode.

It’s not the same, but if you have an ELEMNT, BOLT or ROAM and a smart trainer, you can load a route there and ride it indoor. You won’t get the 3D simulation, but you will get gradient sim with resistance changes etc.