RGT Crashes / Hangs on every ride


I’m really getting frustrated with RGT.
I’m doing structured workouts from TrainingPeaks on RGT but RGT always seems to hang/freeze up on me.
As I’m doing two hour long workouts and you can not return to your workout. Yes, you can continue your activity but that does not include the structured workout.

Any tips how I can solve the freezes/crashes etc. ?

What platform are you using, and what hardware? Is RGT up to date? How long after starting does it begin to experience it?

Windows 10, RGT is up-to-date. Microsoft Surface Pro laptop coupled with a Wahoo Kickr Core.

Timing is different but roughly half hour - hour into the ride.

Is it a Pro 9? A Pro 5? I had an HP equivilent to the Surface with an i7 processor and there was no way it could cope with RGT. I run RGT on a reaonably high spec gaming machine with a dedicated graphics card. It just wouldn’t run on my regular laptop.
You can try turning the gralhics resolution down and see if that helps?

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@ERadix - Erik welcome to the forum. I am not a fan of RGT. I use it and it could be much more valuable to me, were it not for all the issues I encounter. Just last night I was on a ride when the site crashed. I got a message asking if I wanted to return to the ride. I clicked yes, so it proceeded to reload the whole thing. During those two minutes, the ride continued on without me. The bot I was riding with was not half a mile ahead of me and I was dead last. To make matters worse, there was a delay of over 40 seconds on what I was doing until it showed in the app. A very common problem for me despite the fact that I have upgraded my computer, my internet, my wifi etc etc etc.

I have been working with support for over a year on the delay issue. If I schedule a ride in advance and do NOT pedal at all until the ride is completely loaded, my delay is generally under 10 seconds. If I try a Quick Ride, or have to resume a ride like last night, my delay is a minimum 30 seconds.

Bottom line, I share your frustration.

I think it is either a Pro 5 or 4 … not really sure…

But it runs OK from the graphical side.

I have a Surface Pro 6 which manages RGT on one of the lower detail settings, although I use an Apple TV instead as (1) it runs RGT more smoothly and (2) I can keep it in the garage. It’s a pain that SYSTM doesn’t work on the ATV but that’s another story. Back to the Surface Pro. The lack of a dedicated GPU hamstrings it a bit. Since Surface Pros have got quite high resolution screens, I have found that lowering the resolution in the Windows settings helps it run RGT - it significantly improved the FPS I was getting.

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