RGT Crashes on Android

Hi there. Did not find the topic at the forum. It has happened to me that at least 3 times the RGT app crashes in the middle of a Scheduled Training (through Training Peaks) and closes the app. When I open the app again it offers to continue the ride but not the training scheduled. It is a pain, really.

I run RGT on my phone Samsung S21 Ultra, which is a hell of a device! I’ve checked that battery optimization is off, and recently have turned to LOW the Graphics (haven’t tried yet if this is the “cure” to it), but it would be a shame as the HIGH Graphics look great.

Just wanted to know if this happens to anyone already, and you may have some advice or suggestions.


I’ve had the same on Systm this week, all bar one workouts crashing mid-ride.

@nicobl You might be best asking on the RGT Support Facebook Group.

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Thanks! I will!

Thats new, because its on Systm. Hope it works out!

On my samsung tablet both RGT and SYSTM crash unless I open them in DEX mode. In DEX both worked fine for me for the last weeks, even if I do a workout in SYSTM on the iPhone while riding in RGT on the tablet.

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