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Hi I thought I would try to use RGT for the first time and already I am tearing my hair out. I am not stupid but I am finding creating a group ride impossible. I want to create a group ride from the Systm pro ride series (The Womens Santos rides in Australia) from magic roads as stated on the workout blurb. I create the ride, set a time (which was to be today) hit share in case anyone else wants to join. I go to the events page and search, under events, and it is not there but it shows under registered, well it does until I state I want to leave and the whole thing disappears?? How do you create an event and get it stay on the system so others can view it and join if they want to, there seems to be no way of saving anything. I have created this event 3 times now and can’t get it to stay on the events page. thanks the RGT help pages offer no assistance either

@ozmadman Start by creating your group ride at https://user.rgtcycling.com/create-events. For example:

Your event is saved at that point - you can then just share the web address for others to join. It’ll look something like this:

The group ride shows up in Events under “Registered”:

After selecting your event, whatever you do, don’t select “Leave”!.. that, er, leaves the event :slightly_smiling_face:
(just choose Back if you’re not wanting to join the ride at that point)

A few mins before the group ride is set to start just choose “Ride Now” :+1:

Thanks, but why doesn’t it show up in the events calendar like all the others?

Which events calendar? Could you post a screenshot to show what you mean…

You may have it set to private. I think that’s the default?

not set to private thanks

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Here are two pics. the events menu page and the actual events. Once I created the ride it did not appear in the events section so how can anyone see it and join? Also when you try to share the ride you get a link come up which states it is now saved in your library, where is my library?? thanks again

For it to display in the public events section you need to have selected “Promoted” AND it needs to have a certain number of sign-ups (not sure on the exact number, think it’s about 10).
They should probably make that clearer when you’re creating an event.

There are regular RGT approved events that show in there regardless of the number of sign-ups.

The “Your Events” page shows the events you’ve signed up for on a calendar.

Thanks, but how can I get sign ups if no-one can see it? and the link that is displayed when you select share disappears into my library which I still don’t know where my library is. Surely the purpose of creating a ride is to get people to join up and ride but the app seems to make this impossible. There are plenty of rides in the events with only one rider so how are they managing to get theirs displayed. Thanks for your patience with my questions but the whole thing seems unnecessarily complicated.


Guessing it doesn’t automatically display every single event every user created (set as promoted) as it’d flood the listings. There’s an RGT Events Facebook group that some use to publicise their events.

You can just share using the event web address (displayed in your browser address box), as I mentioned earlier:

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Thank you, you have been very helpful. I will create another event and then use what you have told me to find my way around. cheers AGAIN!!

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No worries.
If you’re wanting to publicise a group ride or race there’s also RGTDB that a lot of RGT users use. I’m not sure how to get events on there though… @RGT-FB-Moderator or @Robin-RGT-FB-mod might know…

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This is one, I don’t know the answer to, but I’ll certainly try and find out. :slightly_smiling_face:

The short version is that I think you need an account on RGTDB.com in order to register your events on there. There may also be some magic incantations to chant. @RGT-FB-Moderator and I will have a look for more info.

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Thanks, will have a look


To create events, you need an RGTDB event creator account. Unfortunately, creating new accounts on RGTDB is broken due to some changes to the API. RGTDB is community run - specifically run by a helpful bloke called Mike Swart. Mike is very busy at the moment and hasn’t got the time to update the account creation stuff.

So… people who do not yet have an RGTDB account cannot register events in RGTDB for the time being. People who have an RGTDB account can be given ‘event creator’ rights (by asking Mike nicely), and can then register events.


Many thanks for your help



What would be the appropriate channel, the contact link at the bottom of the rgtdb page? I have an rgtdb account but I’m not on Facebook.

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I think that is current. Mike is also active on Discord eg the channel here: