RGT Fail (BT issues + user error)

Did my first RGT session today on osX, TacX Flux OG, Wahoo cadence sensor. Set up sensors, uploaded magic road, and started riding. Noticed there was no variation in my speed, cadence and watts. When I ended the ride it froze up… black screen. Forced wit, relaunched, was asked I asked if I wanted to finish the ride, yes, froze up again, force quit again. Relaunched, selected now to finish the ride, ride lost.

What did I do wrong?

@ErickT Have you checked the minimum system requirement specs? Seems like a memory/processor type issue based on your description.

Using an M1 chip in a Mac book air, should be fine.

Will attempt again with just ANT+ in the next few days. BT is usually sketchy with the TacX.

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Well it saved 12 seconds! 0.0 mi Mountain Bike Ride on April 30, 2022 by Erick T /. on Strava

Not sure what was causing the issue you experienced. Bt shouldn’t cause freezes. Did you have many other programs open?
Usually if there is an error your ride will be auto uploaded around thirty minutes after the ride. This is when the server decides that if it hasn’t seen any activity from you it will kick you out of the server.

I’ve never had an issue with BT on RGT and my Tacx Flux. I run a high spec Windows 10 desktop tho. Have been using RGT for 2 years.

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Have had BT issues with TacX and M1 Mac book since I moved over from iOS.

Today I used ANT+ only with ERG mode off and everything worked. 23.0 mi Mountain Bike Ride on May 1, 2022 by Erick T /. on Strava

Could be my phone, watch, Whoop strap, BT speaker, fan, other devices creating BT issues. I’ve been unable to determine the source.

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There are ocassionally BT issues with the Tacx in SYSTM but have never had an issue in RGT. But I do know BT gets very fussy when there are lots of other signals around. Even the fan can cause it to drop out sometimes. Glad it is working in ant+