RGT final day celebration: Stelvio

This is going to be big: on the last day of RGT, 31 Oct, a final climb up the first “real road”: Stelvio Pass.


Note the Stelvio will also be climbed for the final Mountain Goats, 6 pm UK, 10 am Pacific, on 25 Oct 2023.


Thanks for the heads-up, @Dan_Connelly
I’ve only used RGT a half-dozen times, I guess, and it isn’t my cup of tea, but I DID do the Stelvio Pass ride and it WAS a great challenge and I enjoyed it more than I expected to (my expectations were logically limited, based on the difficulty of the climb, but also because computer graphic stuff just doesn’t do much for me when it comes to riding a “bike.”)

That said, I DO APPRECIATE your enthusiasm for RGT that I’ve seen on the forum for some time, and I AM SORRY that it is ending, only minimally for my sake, but very much so for you and others who enjoyed it!
I’ve at least put this on my calendar as a possible ride on the 31st, if I don’t end up on an outdoor ride that day.


In the diary.

Care to add another slot for people in Asia? That’s 4 AM for me in Japan.