RGT Flashing Red Symbol

Cant get RGT to work. Windows 11 laptop, brand new top spec gaming machine. It (appears to) install ok, opens when i run it but as soon as i am past the login screen I get a flashing red symbol bottom right. I’m guessing it is some sort of connectivety issue. If i try to ‘Just Ride’ i can select a course, it appears to download but then gets stuck on connecting. Tried reinstalling RGT, downloaded latest version this morning.
I’ve checked the connection and it is fine. Wifi close to the router and wired achieve steady 50Mbps down / 15Mbps up.
I’ve tried disabling Windows firewall. No other AV software installed.
Any ideas…#pullinghairout (if i had any…)

Replying to my own message…I got it sorted.
I remembered some quirk setting on our router that we needed to change to get the smart TV to work with Netflix. Tried the same change for the laptop with RGT and it now works perfectly.
Happy days :smiley:


Good news! The flashing symbol indicates a local connection issue, not server side.
Glad you got it sorted! Hope you enjoy!

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If you ever get the chance to let us know what you changed on the router, it may be something that’s useful for us to post in our other groups :slight_smile:

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I had this same issue, and had to enable plug and play on my router, which resolved the issue

thanks for sharing that @chqshaitan and welcome to the group!


I had the same problem and it took me sometime to figure it out.
Maybe that is something you could add to your troubleshooting guide…

Issue I had was this red Wi-Fi icon flashing up on all devices which I tested it with.

I looked up the devices in my router and adjusted the settings to allow port sharing.
Also I set the devices as prioritized for real time applications.

This alone didn’t work in my case. I have set up a second Wi-Fi access point connected via lan close to the bike.
I unplugged it and it worked. So probably the router settings to use the device as priority didn’t work in combination with the other access point or additional configuration there is required.

Resume: additional access points close to the bike for Wi-Fi maybe a problem if their settings are not correct. Wired connection are probably easier :smiley:
Best regards

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I’ve just started getting the flashing red connection symbol. Using iOS/iPhone. Seems to appear when I’m on 4G, disappears/turns green on Wi-Fi. My 4G speed is faster than my Wi-Fi so perhaps it’s a 4G signal problem. I always use 4G on SYSTM so this is weird.

I think that the network demands for RGT are different than for SYSTM. I know relatively little about SYSTM but, for RGT, a low latency connection is important. A high data rate isn’t crucial.

Thanks, very odd that it had just started doing it this week. It runs ok on my poor Wi-Fi but at low resolution. Advantage of using Wi-Fi I suppose is that I can connect a second device and run the RGT Remote👍