RGT - Full Screen Only?

Hi all,

Tried a short RGT ride this morning. Quick question, on my win10 system, RGT was in full-screen mode, and I was unable to change the screen size.

Is there any way to have RGT not in full-screen?

Thanks in advance.


Press Alt + Enter when RGT has started to put it in windowed mode.



Thank you very much…

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For those reading this and on a MacOS machine, you can also toggle RGT into windowed mode using CMD+F (⌘+F)


This has been driving me crazy, is there a list of keyboard short cuts anywhere for RGT?

Been searching and can’t find them, Wahoo has them for systm but not RGT (also bears the question are there any)

Just to be clear though, Alt + Enter, is a windows shortcut


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There are some options the RGT App itself for turning screen items off and on, if that helps, the menu only appears when in a ride :slight_smile: Profile - CMaxwell - SYSTM Forum
There is also a list of spectator view F Key options SPECTATE MODE - Wahoo RGT (rgtcycling.com)

Were yo looking for anything else? :slight_smile:
Sorry for the late response, I primarily contribute to the Facebook groups but do my best to help out here when I can :slight_smile: