Life has been a tempest of late. SUF was all I could muster. Slight break in the action so let’s try this thing. Well blow me down and color me intrigued!! Pretty straightforward sync with devices and randomly I chose “Leuven City, Flanders”. Click, click and there I am, KOS jersey and all, tearing through the streets. All metrics displayed, riders up ahead, and here comes a hill…whoa! My Kickr Climb has me immersed in the ride. Oh there’s a rider up the road, can’t quite see them yet. Must increase power! There they are! Closing fast! Gotcha!
That was fun! I am and will always be a SUF devotee and I will follow @michael.cotty On Location until he finally sits down but this new feature will be a welcome adjunct to future training. Well done Wahoo!!


@ronburgundy Group rides are fun too with the radio feature for when the weather isn’t great or just timing doesn’t work for an outside ride.