RGT...is this it?

So let me preface by saying I am and have been a Sufferlandrian - even have my passport now (thanks @zpiper1!) - with ZERO experience of the “gaming” platforms like Zwift, RGT, Rouvy, etc. I use SUFF/SYSTM as part of my physical training program, with the bonus of real race footage, etc. etc.

On hearing of the RGT addition, I queued it up this week just to take a look and see what it was like. I will caveat this with I LIKED IT AND LOOK FORWARD TO USING IT DOWN THE ROAD, so don’t @ me, but idiot rookie question: is that all there is?

Not sure what I was expecting, and I’ve gone through the whole platform now, so understand the events, magic roads, etc. But when I queue up the “just ride” section, I get just these 12 - what are we calling them, rides? worlds?

Looked through a few of them, love Ventoux, Stelvio, and the Flanders options, but I guess I was expecting to see more famous/classic courses and rides? Spring classics, Giro and TdF stages? We have tons of those in SUFF/SYSTM. This just doesn’t seem like a lot of options to me? I can see using some of these rides to baseline my fitness and compare over time to gauge improvement, but I can already do that using metrics in SYSTM and the HM/FF testing.

RGT is obviously oriented very differently from SYSTM, but what’s the allure? I suppose the potential for races and events is cool and all, but…I guess I just don’t get it.



That’s a perfectly valid question. I think RGT could do - and hopefully will in the future do - a better job of making it clear what the full potential is. I thinks some key areas that might be of interest (and some of which weren’t obvious to me when I got started) are:

  • A lot of the races (and group rides) are NOT visible in the RGT app and on the RGT website. Most of the best races are organised by the community. RGTDb is a great resource but also check out the Facebook pages.
  • You’ve probability heard of Magic Roads but perhaps don’t feel like making your own, maybe as you might be put off by the effort in making sure they use smooth GPXs. Fortunately, lots of other people have made loads of MRs that you can try. There are repositories within RGTDB and MagicRoads.org. In addition, people post some great routes on the Facebook RGT Magic Roads Facebook group.

If you are interested in hearing more about races the get in touch. This time of year tends to be a bit quiet because RGT is currently predominantly populated by those going into the outdoor riding season now. In the autumn and winter there are various things like multi-day stage races which can be very immersive, especial if you join a team.
Some of the races series are described on their pages here: RGTDb

If you are interested in Magic Roads then there are other bits of info that might be of interest. For example, you can get the MR code of any race or group ride that is in RGTDB (and used a Magic Road) via the RGTDB interface itself.

In terms of Spring Classics, there are lots of MRs covering parts of these courses - not all in one go as there is a 105km limit on the length of MRs ATM.


Great answers Robin :ok_hand:
Those roads on the picture are called real roads. They are not many indead but when i got in the old Road Grand Tour app they had only 6 in the last two years the launched new ones and will launch more in the future for sure but for most users whats the big deal is the magic roads feature that gives unlimited access to roads and you can ride anything gpx based up to 100km and a 4hour limit. You dont even need to create magic roads go to magicroads.org or RGTDB and just copy the magicroads ID to your magic road library. Its unlimited. The only problem is that at the moment you can only generate magicroads with two scenarios but in time that ro will improve.
You can set races or group rides and even time trials or elimination events either on a magic or a real road. You can set a number of bots up to 99 to pace or challenge you and your friends.


Hey How did you get your passport??? @CPT_A

Didn’t you hear? I took the podium at the ToS this year.




As a lapsed, now returning Sufferlandrian I have one perspective that might address your original question about the allure of RGT. Here is my 4DP history from when I was just using The Sufferfest then got hooked on RGT (well Zwift first for a while) racing for the past two years. The gains in FTP and MAP you see in the test from a few days ago I have to credit to a lot of hard racing in RGT. For me anyway that is the allure … competitive fun keeping the motivation to improve fitness higher than I can push myself on my own. 4DP says I really need to work on my sprint :grimacing:

I quite like Robin’s advice. I race for a team and against people I know well now … another major part of the allure of RGT.


My highest FTPs were reached in races. The handicap race thursdays at 1900 were I usualy add 20kg to my avatar is one of my favorites.

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That’s always a popular race. My handicap is about 20kg too … and I already struggle on the hills already :triumph: I’d like to see SYSTM plans suggest RGT races as an option for appropriate workout days. Mixing things up to maintain motivation is only a positive thing.


Hi Guys,
I’ve set up a few Magic Roads on RGT and intend riding them this weekend. I’ve just done a test on my Wattbike Atom using laptop with Ant+ and then iPad using Bluetooth.

  1. I can’t get either to connect to my Viiii HR monitor (although that works fine with Wahoo/Suff SYSTM.
  2. Also, when riding I can’t see what Wattbike gear I’m using…although, again, that works fine with STSTEM.
    Can anyone pls advise on these issues? or do I need to contact The Minions?

Regarding Magic Roads: I’ve recently uploaded:
Etape Caledonia 2022 (real ride taking place this Sunday)
Stage 4 Giro - Mount Etna (took place earlier this week - I used Richey Porte’s StravA GPX file to upload to RGT.)
Dragon Devil 2022 - Real ride taking place on June 19th in Wales…190 miles - I’ve split it into 3 separate Magic Rides. Happy to share with anyone if you want them

This Facebook thread may be worth a scan: Redirecting...

I think that for some bikes the gear is displayed in the top left of the screen.

FYI Jez Read has set up a group ride on Sunday on an* Etna route:


*He said he hasn’t checked if it is the same as this year’s route.

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My RGT question is regarding the events option. How can you see which ones are starting soonest? each one i choose isn’t starting until the next day!

Are you using the website or one of the apps?

With my KoS attempt coming up I have been focused on that, but did an exploratory venture on RGT. Your title was my exact response “Is this it?”

After I storm the castle I will look deeper but at first blush…mehh!


If using the app, then there should be dates on the events e.g. as per this screenshot from the Android app:

If using the RGT website, it defaults to the current day so all events you are are for that day. You can then change the day eg here I have changed it to tomorrow:

The challenge road first in the list is a bit confusing as it can be ridden anytime.


Thanks- @Robin-RGT-FB-mod - I believe that there are multiple routes up Etna. The one I uploaded is the one that was posted on Strava by Richey Porte after his climb last week.

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Thanks @Robin-RGT-FB-mod I will take a look at the FB page - gearing is not showing on either of my screens (Macbook, or iPad). I seem to remember that there was a similar issue when Sufferfest was incorporated into SYSTM.