Rgt; it isn't working with multiple connected sensors


I’m using 2 different android devices and tried 2 lots of different sensors both separate garmin power and cadence and also wahoo power and cadence sensors along with tickr x and they connect and work with wahoo stand alone app and wahoo systm but connected to rgt app the cadence reads zero and the heart rate shows but the avatar cyclist just stands still I’ve tried all the sensors, you can’t use both speed and cadence on the app you have to toggle one or the other, really it shouldn’t matter as the tickr x has cadence built in. But I’m afraid I may have to cancel my trial and subscription and go with zwift or another platform. Can anyone help? BTW I’ve cleared the caches too and the latest app install on a different android device still did exactly the same thing. Thanks.

Have you gone to the Sensors screen in the app? The way that RGT picks up sensors is can be a bit temperamental so I always open the Sensors tab after loading up to check. That generally Seema to kick things into registering.

BTW have you read these:

You should be fine if you have a power sensor and a cadences sensor which it sounds like you have.

Can you send a screenshot of the sensors screen? What is your power source?