RGT lag/low fps issue

Hi! Need some help here guys, I’m about to give up on RGT and I really, really don’t want to.

I’ve been trying to solve this since the last update but to no avail. I tried every graphics settings, re-install the app etc…

I’m running the app in a win10 PC, using bluetooth for sensors and ethernet for network, also tried wifi but didn´t make any differance.

Elite Tuo for sim
Assioma single for power/cadence
magene hrm

First of all, when choosing “just ride” everything is fine, the problems only arise in “races”

In every race since the last update, no matter if it’s using real or magic roads, as soon as I enter the server, my fps even on the lowest setting drop to 3fps, worse than that is the power/hrm lag which is well over 1 minute, the weird thing is that lag is unilateral, my tuo receives the gradient changes with no lag whatsoever, my power on the pedals and my hrm takes more then one minute to get to the server.

Here is my last race file

Before the race start I was spinning the legs and decided to test the lag, so with 40s to the race start I upped my power to ~400W and maintained it for around 40s…well, the race started and I was straight off the back because as can be check in the graph the server had me still spinning the legs, my power surge and my heart rate rise only came 30s into the race!

I then proceeded to yoyoing the rest of the race.

Does anyone have a solution or idea for what’s going on?


I am glad you saw my post on a possible remediation. I have been plagued by this for over a year. Please let me know what results you get. Hopefully this will solve the issue for both of us.

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