RGT lag mitigation technique

I have been struggling with a sometimes severe lag in response time on RGT. It would not be uncommon to have an action not appear on screen for 30 seconds or more. Nothing anyone could suggest would fix it. My old attempt to resolve it would be to load up the ride early enough to force close the app and restart it in the hopes the second or third time would be better. My success rate for reducing the lag time was about 50/50.

However, I did notice that the lag time was MUCH worse if the sensors connected to the app before the ride was fully loaded. So I was first simply not pedaling at all while the ride loaded. That seemed to reduce the likelihood of connecting before the ride loaded. Not perfect but it did provide some marginal relief, as in lag times under 10 seconds. Not great, but an improvement. Just remember to go to the menu and click on sensors to connect the bike to the app.

I have found something that is working even better. Accepting that my sample size is just two rides, I am nonetheless hopeful. Rather than force closing the app and reloading, I am going to the sensors and manually disconnecting all the sensors. Then I am reconnecting. Again, it has been just two rides, but both times the lag time was reduced from 20 seconds on one and over 30 on the other, to under five seconds. If this somehow resets everything and not just dumb a$$ luck, it will fix at least one big issue that I have with RGT. A move in the right direction.

So if anyone out there has been experiencing similar lag/delay issues, you might want to give this a try.


Just saw your message after I posted mine lolol, Iā€™m going to give it a try next time I run the app, thanks!

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