RGT Magic Road Angeles Crest Hwy

Does anyone have a Magic Road code they can share with me for any of these routes? They are both very well-known routes in the Los Angeles, CA area.

*Angeles Crest Hwy - from Foothill Blvd in La Cañada to the Mt Wilson turnoff, or including Mt Wilson. Or all the way to I-15. I’ll take whatever you’ve got. :slight_smile: Even just the Mt Wilson segment. But I would assume if someone has that then the whole thing has to be out there, somewhere…

*Glendora Mount Road

*Mt Baldy Road

*San Gabriel Canyon Rd

Thank you!

Kind Sir, here is what I have garnered from various sources:

Mt Baldy Ski Resort - Wz2rJ2XlE3WG
Mt Baldy Ski Resort descent - dGfyUuYf9xha
Mt Baldy Glendora Mtn Rd v2 descent - HBuLhpRn6Jfz
Mt Baldy Lodge via GMR Loop - Xhf4SGVGdjjZ
Mt Baldy Village from San Gabriel Canyon loop - zdVqN9M9UZpU
Mt Baldy Village tour from San Gabriel Canyon - 8K8hdxdJq6uW
Mt Baldy Glendora Mtn Rd v3 - A20CGZ33muxE
San Gabriel River Bike Path - 3ZFeLO1lUasW
San Gabriel River Bike Path Full v2 - EWCzBnRfTdXz

Some of what you are looking for and some quasi related. I have only done two from this subset so I make to claims to what you get here (but my sources have been pretty good). Enjoy! :hot_face:

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A few more:
Mt Wilson GPXMS - HYHZhi0v7tac
Mt Wilson descent GPXMS - o8LOVJeABiSn
Reverse GMR via San Gabriel Canyon and Fork - Rd tzfLa6AzeQQf
The Mount Wilson Observatory - nMpc5491FOiC

Hopefully you should be able to find a few good rides out of this.

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Wow, this is all fantastic! I will have to check them out once the kids go to bed to see all the details. :smile::+1:

I’m still looking for Angeles Crest Hwy, too, if anybody can share them.

But these are definitely ace. @Critmark Thank you!

As a side question, and assuming you are a Strava Premium user (or whatever the paid version is called), why not use the Create a route option with their heatmaps?

Maybe there is a search function and said route is public.

If it is a popular route, the heatmap should be a thick dark blue line.

I use a mates paid subscription to create routes that I don’t ordinarily create from other platforms.

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That sounds like an option. I haven’t heard of or tried that before. But I do pay for Strava.

Thanks for the tip! :+1::+1:

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@Dan I just tried it this morning. Used an existing segment in Strava and adjusted the start point. Then exported to a gpx which I emailed to create a magic road. Worked great!

Then I rode it. Now much legs hurt. But that was the point. :slight_smile:

So, thank you so much for the tip! :+1:


Care to share the Magic Road code? I’d love to give it a whirl.

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Awesome. I guess more of that is on the horizon for you. Worldwide routes at your fingertips :fist_right:t2::+1:t2:


I had planned to ride from Foothill Blvd to the top of Mt Wilson, but I didn’t realize I only made the route up to the turnoff for the road up to Mt Wilson. But it’s still 3,500ft of climbing.

@Critmark It’s called La Cañada to Mt Wilson, code=vFFJdynwgo1O

I’ve already created a couple more routes on Strava to get the route thru to the very top of Mt Wilson. And another one from my old house. And one here in here in Las Vegas to the top of Mt Charleston. But I haven’t submitted them to make Magic Roads, yet. :slight_smile:


Yes! I didn’t realize it was so simple. Definitely have a lot more plans, now! :slight_smile:


Thank you Sir.

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I have a really nice version of the Latigo climb in Malibu:


And here’s one from the hills above Santa Barbara:


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@christopheram welcome to the form. Thanks for the rides. I will check them out.

Maybe we should ask the minions to set up a distinct place on this forum to exchange codes???


I’d be down for that. I love building roads and have a bunch of them.

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I’ve tried it three times but still learning the tools. Also, my rides end up much steeper than the ride actually is. I tried to do one ride that I do outdoors a lot. I thought it would be nice to have when the weather turns bad. The max grade is about 9-10%. My Magic Road was above 18%. Clearly not doing something right.

@Critmark Are you smoothing your gpx files before e-mailing them in? If not, see this post:

It’s really quick to do, but makes a huge difference to the quality of the Magic Road.

Pretty much all the Magic Roads that are used for the regular RGT events are smoothed using that site.

As an example, this is a gpx created using a route builder site (Ride with GPS):

After using GPXmagic, the corners and gradients are much smoother (which gives a way better experience in RGT):


I thought I did but a clear possibility I didn’t do it correctly.

Interesting though, I checked out one of the On Location Portugal videos that was available on RGT that had the same issue. In his opening narrative Cotty mentioned that the max gradient was 12% yet when I checked it out on RGT, there were sections over 18%.

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