RGT Magic Roads - Use GPXmagic for better results

For those new to Magic Roads, I’d recommend using GPXmagic to smooth your gpx files before e-mailing them to RGT.

For basic smoothing you just need to do these steps:

  1. Open GPXmagic V3
  2. Click on the “Load GPX file” button (top-left) and select your source gpx file.
  3. Click on the “One-Click Quick Fix!” button. That’ll smooth the route.
  4. Click on the “Save GPX file” button.

It’s worth using the Bend/Gradient Problems tools as well after a One-Click Quick Fix. Only takes a couple of minutes and helps to iron out any remaining issues.

If you want to make specific changes to corners etc. it takes a bit more work, but there’s a video option for each tool showing how to use them.

The developer (Peter Ward) is active on the RGT Users Magic Roads group.


In addition, join this facebook group for all the support and guidance you will need:


Another thing worth noting is that there are loads of Magic Roads already created by other users l.

There are repositories of Magic Roads, by note that someone has to have proactively chosed to upload a road to the repo for it to be there:

One handy trick is that you can snaffle* the Magic Road code for any event that you can see in RGTDB.com (which includes most public races and group rides on RGT).

*technical term

  1. Find an event in RGTDB that uses a Magic Road, eg RGTDb. For example, it might be your just done a race and liked the MR.

  2. Click on the route (eg Tenerife Mt_1).

  3. Copy the Magic Road ID (eg EiR0RcUPma6f)

  4. Import that into your Magic Roads library. (Within the Wahoo RGT app go to Menu > Magic Roads and then use the Search box elegantly highlighted on this screenshot)


That magicroads.org site has got potential, but it’d be good to be able to edit/delete magic roads on there. I added one a while ago, but have since improved it, and can’t remove or edit the original one on there.

Hopefully Wahoo/RGT will build this kind of library into the main site eventually.


This would be good as long as only the owner/creator is able to delete, or if there’s a means to request deletion and the owner/creator is informed of the request.


The site is managed by Sven Thiele of hot chillee.
If you message him he will make the necessary amendments.
I think there are contact details on the site or he is contactable through messenger.
If you have the details I’m happy to forward a message on

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Where in the received “we’ve finished building your magic road” email does one find this unique ID?
Created two routes, sent to gpxmagic for ‘fixing’, email said gpx files to magicroads, received second email back but no rod ID to use in the app.

It’ll automatically add the magic road to your library (load RGT, go to Menu → Magic Roads).

If you need to share the magic road code with someone else just click on the magic road and click the “Share” button - that’ll copy the magic road code to your clipboard.

If you need to get the magic road code from that e-mail though, it is possible - click on the “View detailed interactive report” link - the magic road code appears after the name= in the URL.

For example, with one of mine - the magic road report URL is here:

The magic road code is: JlrhEAepEcPC

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Yeah, thanks.

It does help to have the same app account open (not the wife’s) from the same email accont sending the MR to be created.

Was under the impression a link would be sent to me once created that I would insert into the app somewhere. Cheers :metal:

Adding segments to Magic Roads:

  1. Open GPXmagic
  2. Click on the “Load GPX file” button (top-left) and select your source gpx file.
  3. Expand the “Named segments” tool.
  4. Move the orange marker to where you want your segment to start and drop the purple marker.
  5. Move the orange marker to where you want the segment to end.
  6. Click on the “Create from markers” button.
  7. Enter a name for the segment:

  1. Save the GPX file and e-mail to RGT.

Edit: Peter Ward’s put up a video explaining how to use this (includes details of how to import Strava segments as well):