Rgt/magic roads/workout

It’s not often I use RGT but whenever I do there is always an issue. Today I had a Systm 2hour no vid workout to do. I have done these many times before and have just watched Youtube videos to pass the time. Today I thought I would create an RGT ride and whilst I am not a lover of gamified training it would make a change and break the boredom. I created the ride using one of my Magic Road rides long enough to accommodate a 2 hour effort, sorted out some bots and added the “endurance 2hr” workout to the ride. Sensors were set up with power,cadence and speed from the trainer and HR from my Polar H10 and set on ERG mode. The ride started and the workout window was showing at the top of the screen BUT the power target was showing as zero and any pedalling at all was in vain as the power indicator was trying to keep my power down to nothing. Taking it out of ERG I put the workout into normal mode where the trainer went back to 100% intensity and the ride resumed as if no workout had been added. I stopped the workout, left it and re-created it again thinking that I had made some sort of error but the same thing happened. Got a bit p***ed off TBH after about an hour faffing around so just went back to the no vid and Youtube videos. Anyone else had this issue when adding a workout to a ride? thanks

It won’t help much, but I did a “no-vid” yesterday and it worked nicely
The order for my setup was a bit different though

  • just ride → selected a map (Dunoon Sea side)
  • checked that everything was paired
  • bottom of the screen → workout → chose the workout from the library
  • proceed to suffering

So, I didn’t create an event for this, but that’s fine to ride around other people, and it’s way faster this way I feel. In the past, I’ve also done WO on MR, but it has been a while, so I can’t say “it works for me recently”

Hope it helps


This happens to me. I often have to go into the sensors and toggle my trainer control off and back on again and then it starts working.

No clue why. But toggling my sensors off and back on usually gets it all working within a minute or two.

I also like to dual record with SYSTM and RGT and let SYSTM control my trainer and just have RGT up for viewing distraction. So if it takes a minute in RGT to toggle the sensors and get moving then it’s not a problem.

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