RGT now takes CdA into account

Update has been released (no need for you to update anything, it’s server-sided).

Just in case: “Cd x A” refers to the wind resistance that each of us has: tall/wide(heavy) riders will now have more wind resistance than short/narrow(light) riders.

Someone “average” (let’s say 1m75/70kg) is not going to see a difference with the previous model (that was about the size used).
The more “atypical” your build is, and the faster you go, the more you’ll feel the difference (e.g : gain for small ones downhill :heart_eyes: , lose for tall ones downhill :crying_cat_face: )


Hopefully this doesn’t inspire more height doping like on Z****.

Initial experiments showed height doesn’t matter, just mass. They basically assume heavier riders are taller, which is far from perfect, but is better than assuming everyone is the same. Maybe in the future height will be used, so they recommend making sure height is set correctly.

I find it’s a huge improvement. Smaller riders like me, unable to produce the raw watts of taller, larger riders, but IRL not needing to, can now compete. I saw the difference in my first NorCal Tue Niter (Tuesdays, 6 pm Pacific: please join!)