RGT on Macbook

I have been trying to get the most recent version(s) of RGT to run on my aging Mac without success. I am a long time user of the original RGT, and ran it as recently as March of this year without issues. That was either shortly before or after the Wahoo acquisition. I didn’t use it all summer because if I ride indoors I use SYSTM workouts. I have no trouble with the SYSTM App.

Problem is, it takes 10+ minutes to load, at least a minute to respond to any mouse click, and if I even get to a course and get my sensors connected, there are long delays between the bike and the app. I made sure I downloaded the RGT app for the Intel processor. I have installed, deleted and reinstalled three times over the last 2-3 weeks. Today I finally had a chance to some maintenance and reinstall the app (again), but no dice.

On the RGT System Requirements page of the Wahoo website, it gives Mojave10.14+ as the minimum/recommended requirement, and I’m on Monterey12.6. I’ve had two OS updates since I started trying to get this to work. There are no hardware requirements listed.

Is anyone else on similar hardware with insight about what might be holding me back here? Anyone who either solved similar problems or found reason to give up?

Here is my spec:
MacBookPro11,4 (~2016)
Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 2.2 GHz, 1 processor, 4 core
Memory: 16 GB
Available disk space: 98.3GB / 250GB
Graphics card: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
macOS 12.6.1 (Monterey)

I know Support is on limited coverage, so I thought I would check with other users.

Thanks for any help or advice!

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A few thoughts:

  • are you running anything else at the same time as RGT?
  • how much spare memory do you have? (You can see this in Activity Monitor)
  • have you tried restarting your Mac to make clean up anything that might still be running?
  • are there any other services or helpers running that are consuming resources? (Activity Monitor again)

I’m going to try installing RGT on my 2016 MacBook (1.2 GHz dual-core m5, 8 GB RAM) to see if it can run successfully.

I’ve just installed RGT on my 2016 MacBook, and it seems to run OK. It’s not as responsive as on my normal SYSTM/RGT computer, and the video frame rate is pretty low, but it’s very usable, and definitely better than you’re describing in your original post.

RGT is using almost exactly 1.0 GB of RAM when I start up a ride.

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make sure to close all memory hog applications when a running RGT, especially browser windows, preview, and any document editors.

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same - I bought an Apple TV instead. That worked really well until STEER was introduced. That was the cheapest way to upgrade. STEER somewhat ruined that, you then have to use the mobile remote at the same time which is too small to see. I guess IF the STEER tray will fit your bike that might help. However, the Apple TV was the easiest route…of course System X does not work with Apple TV…but works with RGT. The menu selection is clunky, but you can get through it.