RGT | Power/Speed/Cadence/HR goes to 0 but still reporting numbers under “Sensors”

Using RGT with TacX Flux OG, Wahoo cadence and Tickr via ANT+ on osX M1 chip (Yes, I’ve tried BT with RGT and it drops too much)

Tried Dirty Riever and another workout. About 2-3 minutes in power, speed, cadence, HR all drop to 0 and my avatar comes to a complete stop. I go to sensors while pedaling and it shows power, cadence, HR.

Tried this about 5 times and gave up for the day.


That is frustrating. I’ll have a ponder regarding causes but the first thing I’d say is that it is definitely worth submitting ‘Feedback’ via the menu option within the app during a ride as then the app will send logs to Wahoo RGT which may help them diagnose the issue.

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Happened again today, feedback submitted.

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