RGT Question

Probably a stupid question, but what’s unique about a “challenge” on RGT? Can’t figure it out for the life of me. Why isn’t it a “race”?

Sorry but I dont understand what you mean. RGT has events named races or group rides and you can pop in any real road to do a ride for the time you want.

Challenge in RGT is about fullfilling some task in given time, you do not need to finish it in one ride - ride some distance until end of the month, climb some meters until end of the week e.g. Everesting challenge. Race is one time task - simply just be the fastest on given route in the event :crazy_face:
Zwift term for RGT Challenge is Mission, Rouvy has Challenges too.


Why different categories here?

Where does it say the time? The challenge I’m in, Etape… I have no idea how long it’s opened for.

Thats something open for some time. An ongoing challenge.

Its usualy Open for a defined period announced on RGT blog/site and shared in rgt FB users group. Now probably here too.

Don’t have Facebook. Do you mind linking to the blog? Trying to find it but not having any luck…

Yeah, I’m not seeing anything specific to challenges here.