RGT race position accuracy video

When ZMS first switched from Zwift to RGT in 2020, we noticed something different on our multi screen setup. 2 years later, it is still a huge difference today - rider positioning accuracy.

On RGT what you see is what everyone sees. And here is the proof of this crazy concept. This is nothing fancy, just a quick setup to show the same angles across 3 PCs on different networks. GUI on each is different to show we aren’t just playing the same PC 3 times!

For those interested, top left to right GPUs.

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Thanks Damon, apart from the consistency between devices which is welcome. One thing that stood out for me in this video is that the riders move/lean in a much smoother fashion than the jerky behaviour I see.

I’ve only tried RGT on Apple TV 4K and a non-gaming laptop with integrated graphics, so I understand that running it on those potato devices limits the detail I see.

I don’t particularly want to go out and buy an expensive machine just for RGT, but if I was looking for a PC or laptop that could run it at a decent standard is there a good-value spec you would recommend?

I’ve seen the recommended spec page, but wasn’t sure how accurate it is:

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The spec page should be fine to go from although I have 2 lower spec PCs running off 6th Gen Nvidia GPUs. They’re only just on 30fps at 720p.

My first recommendations for built in graphics:

  • set windows display settings to 1280x720. Its a huge reduction in processing power needed compared to 1920x1080, that most are set to.
  • search Graphics Settings in the windows search bar. You can then select/addRGT in the drop down list. Click Options. Select High Performance.
  • in RGT when in game, click Menu/Options then select medium or low graphics settings. Medium you dont see a huge difference in graphics but Low is very basic. It may make things smoother.

Low spec 2nd hand kit is where I started out. The lowest CPU thay does well is an i5 4570, with the GTX660 graphics card restricted to 30fps on High RGT graphics. A PC with that level spec probably around £100.

I would recommend a GTX1050ti for a decent experience though. Full setup 2nd hand with the above CPU at a guess, around £140.

These are only my opinions and what looks good or not, is subjective! My main PCs are much beefier (RTX2070) as I use them for the broadcast production too.


Perfect, thanks @Damon. It’s been many years since I’ve built a PC so I’m getting my head around the numbers again. This gives me a good baseline to start from

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It might be easier and cheaper to buy a refurbished Mac Mini and hook it up to your TV.

Yeah, that could be a option too, but apart from the ATV I don’t have any other Apple devices so I’ll probably stick the devil I know…