RGT - 'Ride Now' button is inactive for user created events

Currently trying out RGT, so far I’ve built a magic road and created a race with bots on it using the web interface.

With the event created I open up the RGT app and it has a count down to the start of the event, so I click on View and the next page has two buttons: ‘Leave’ and ‘Ride Now’. However, the ‘Ride Now’ button is inactive and the count down just goes to zero, so I couldn’t even start the race.

I tried this a few times and noticed that one time the ‘Ride Now’ button became active 20 seconds before the start, which is less than ideal to put it mildly.

I then created another event a bit further into the future and the Ride Now button was still inactive for a few minutes, but then let me join.

What’s happening here, does RGT need a certain amount of time to properly generate the event before I can join it? If so then at least tell me this and/or prevent me from creating an event less than x minutes in to the future.

If using Quick Ride, it usually gives 4 to 5 minutes before the start with Ride Now being available around 1 - 2 minutes before start. I find this depends distance of the Magic Road and the device you’re on, but it’s very little time to prep.

I prefer creating a race or ride as an event instead. You can do this with Magic or Real roads and would recommend setting at least 10 minutes before you want to start. This gives a good 5 minutes to get the road loaded.

Also note the Ride Now issue could be due to the change over process.

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Thanks @Damon-ZMS, I just tried a Quick Ride from a magic road and it has a similar behaviour:

Selecting Quick Ride seems to generate an event with some default settings but always 5 minutes in the future. For the first 3.5 minutes of that wait I couldn’t select Ride Now, which suggests it is doing some work in the background to get ready.

Rather than greying out the button, it would be a better experience to actually tell me that it’s getting the route ready and that I’ll be able to join it shortly, as opposed to just looking like it’s broken.

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Hi Sandy,
It sort of does do that. If you create an event for yourself let’s say, an hour before or even schedule the whole week with your events etc. you’ll get a notification email an hour before the event and 30 minutes before you’ll get verification that the server has been started for your event. Each magic road event runs in real time from its own virtual server so it does need a little time to resolve.

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