RGT Rides in System Progress History

I have two questions about RGT:
Can anyone tell me if RGT rides should be showing up in the SYSTM Progress/History? They show up on the calendar and home page, but do not under Progress/History.

Is there any way to connect RGT to Garmin Connect? It appears to only offer to connect to Trainer Road and Strava. SYSTM rides connect flawlessly. I can email myself the .Fit file, then upload to Connect, but that is cumbersome, especially when it is automatic with SYSTM rides.

Thank you.

Progress/History is only for activities done within SYSTM itself. RGT rides don’t show up there.

There’s no current way to connect RGT to Garmin Connect so rides upload there.

Short and sweet answer! A bit disappointed actually, but at least I can quit fussing to figure it out. Thank you.