RGT Shortcut/“virtual rides”

Is a “shortcut” not created and automatically put on the windows 10 desktop? I downloaded RGT but a shortcut was not created and put on the windows desktop and when I try to go into Windows 10 and create a shortcut, there is no option to do so. Also, when I click on “Just Ride”, there are only 12 rides available. Is this correct?

I definitely have a shortcut, and can also pin the app to the task bar in Windows.

There are 12 Real Roads which are the routes with fairly realistic graphics. In addition you can import Magic Roads which just have generic auto-generated scenery but match the route of a GPX file. There are some libraries of Magic Roads (magicroads.org and Public Courses RGTDb), plus various people have made available lists of some of the routes they have made - see the Facebook RGT Magic Roads group for more info. Plus there is a ‘trick’ so you can get the Magic Road code of almost any event (race or group ride) that takes place - ask if you want info.

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On Windows 10?

Yep. Worth noting I had RGT before and just updated it.

Are you On Windows 10?

Ok. Thanks. I downloaded it but it didn’t create a shortcut and I don’t get an option to create one. I wonder if I can just drag and drop it fron the windows start menu to the desktop?

I had the same problem. I had SYSTM installed and the desktop shortcut remains and works after the update. However I did not have RGT installed, and it did not create a shortcut, and because of the way Windows handles some apps, it’s hard to create shortcuts manually. I used google and found a way that involves running a command shell to open a hidden directory and then creating a shortcut, but I don’t remember the details, sorry.

I don’t remember if RGT created a desktop icon for me in Win 10. But I did run the installer twice and I have one, now. I just had to do a restart to get it all to start working.

Then all I had to do was find the program in the program list, right-click and click pin-to-taskbar and pin-to-start.

I’ve ridden my own Magic Road, already. Looking forward to trying out some of the real roads.

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This is the elegant solution. Keeps the desktop uncluttered

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Yep. With Win 10 I’ve had no problem finding it the apps list and dragging/dropping on the desktop, task bar, or in the start menu. Any one, or all three.