RGT Slope markers disappearing

Has anyone else had this issue? The slope markers disappearing after about 5 minutes. They are there at the start of a session.

All other features of RGT are working fine. (For me anyway):wink:

Using Win10 laptop, everything up to date.


What course were you riding? I’ve noticed they disappear for me after the first lap of a looped course (Win11 for me). I’m not sure if that’s the intent or not but has been the consistent behavior.

Yeah happens on all courses. This morning was on Pienza, yesterday Dirty Reiver and last week on the Cap.

It might have made sense if it was being removed after one lap but losing them on the Cap as well rules that out.

RGT too?
I am bringing that as I noticed that RGT stopped updating itself on my win10 laptop after 2023.01.26.
Make sure it reads 2023.03.01 in a bottom corner at startup.

Good shout.

Will give it another go when off shift at the weekend.


I can confirm the update to RGT hasn’t improved the slope markers issue. In fact they are not there at all now! On any course.

Restarting and reinstalling doesn’t change this.

Also weird how the app no longer notifies of an available update and we have to go to the website to check.


I vaguely recall reading that the app only notifies you if it is a mandatory update - not if it is optional.


Will raise a ticket and see how we go.