RGT Specific Turbo Controller Issues (But not on SYSTM)

Morning all.

I can’t for the life of me work out why my Saris (Hammer H2) will not connect as a controlling system on RGT.

It connects on power and cadence but that’s all. It used to work a few months back but I’ve come back after a few months away and nothing I do seems to sort it.

The trainer connects to SYSTM workouts fine and changes resistance etc, just not RGT.

If I ride in RGT it just pushes the watts without any gradient resistance being applied.

Any ideas?

Are you riding in erg mode on rgt?? If you are turn it off to get changes in resistance when the terrain changes

Can you try and connect via ant+ rather than Bluetooth? You’ve got Bluetooth on in the slider at the top and ant+ turned off.


ERG is turned off, but still no option for control on the Saris.

I’ll give it a go, I have an ANT dongle just never used it before

Worked with ANT cheers