RGT Spectate Mode

Chek out what you can look around when ridding RGT. “Spy” on other riders and zom in and out the camara. Nice feature for livestreaming races :ok_hand:


Spectate Mode is also great for quickly testing a new magic road out before riding it.

Add a bunch of Pacing bots with min/max power at 999w, then use spectate mode to follow one of the bots:


Cool. I as looking for something like this as I’ve put away my trainer setup for the season just before this was announced and I wanted to get a better idea of RGT was/looked like without setting it up again. One thing I was curious about was how my notebook would perform graphics-wise. Looks OK.


Minimum specs announced work ok in ultra but better to have the high end of the specs. You can also get away with specs below the minimum but at the cost of image definition in medium or low resolution modes.